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Fittafone work very closely in partnership with Smart Communications SW Ltd.

Smart Communications are a communications specialists based in Gloucestershire who can offer the following services:

Mobile Phones from Smart Communications   Great deals on mobile phones for consumer and business customers alike.
Landlines from Smart Communications   Switch your BT Landlines to Smart Communications and see savings of up to 50% on your monthly bills.
Bluetooth Marketing from Smart Communications   Take your marketing to a new level by sending messages to your customers via Bluetooth
Websites from Smart Communications   Fabulous websites at highly competitive prices
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Print Services from Smart Communications   Plus many more communications, printing and marketing services

Clients include: The Baylis Vauxhall Group, Phil Vickery and Raging Bull Sportswear, A Bennett Electrical Limited, Steve Unett Aerials Limited, Gloucester Rugby Club and Limbird Electrical to name just a few.

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